I’m gonna show you a fun workflow for generating a ton of variations on a beat using Follow Actions. Even if you’re familiar with Follow Actions, you might have never stumbled on this one before.This technique works best for an IDM or possibly Dubstep context where a lot of syncopation and variation works well.

First, program a beat using a Drum Rack. This part is essential, or the last step doesn’t work. Then copy the beat and program several variations on it.

Picture 5

Next, highlight all of the clips and head down into the Clip View. We’re highlighting all of the clips to simultaneously edit their launch properties:

Picture 7

In the follow actions section, set Follow Action Time to 1/16:

Picture 8

…and Action to Any:

Picture 9

Finally, you’ll also need to turn on the Legato switch.

Picture 10

Now, when you play back any of the clips in the stack, you’ll see them wildly bounce back and forth between each other creating more variations than you’d get if you just launched the clips individually.

This, however, is not the cool part. That comes in the next tip.

(Also, for those of you that are new to the Follow Actions thing, fear not. We’ll back up and review some of the details shortly.)