If you look at the Clip View for any clip in my current Hobotech set, you’ll see that I have several controls MIDI mapped:

Picture 22  Picture 23

The Loop switch is used to enable or disable the clip’s loop points, while the Set buttons are used to set loop points interactively while the clip is playing back. The top Set switch (Position) will set the start of the loop, and the lower one (Length) the end point.

The Set buttons are quantized to Live’s global quantization value:  Picture 24. If this is set to 1 Bar as shown, you’re pretty much guaranteed perfect loops.

The trick here is to understand that these mappings will apply to whatever clip is currently being shown in the Clip View. So, instead of mapping these controls once per clip or per track, you only map them once for the entire set. It doesn’t matter what clip you’re on when you do the mapping – just pick one at random and you’re good to go.

Therefore, before you can use MIDI to manipulate these controls, you have to first make sure that the clip you want to work is being shown. This may mean you’ll have to double-click on it or press the MIDI control mapped to the Track Status indicator.