Often its the simple things that make me happy. Today, its a lovely little use for the arrow keys.

Live makes navigating the Arrangement View a lot like navigating the words in a text document. Once you’ve placed the cursor in the timeline, you can move back and forth one grid line at a time using the left and right arrow keys. But wait, let’s back up: first a little about placing the cursor.

To place the cursor (the orange line seen below), you have to either

click in an empty space in a track:

Picture 19

or, within a clip in an unfolded track:

Picture 20

or, Shift-Option(Alt)-click within a clip in a folded track:

Picture 21

Wherever the cursor is placed now becomes the playback location for the Arrangement. Want to play back from a few bars earlier or later? Just use the arrow keys to move wherever you want.

The cool thing is that now you can use all of those wicked keyboard shortcuts you learned when rocking Microsoft Word (or the like):

For example, use Shift-arrow keys to create selections:

Picture 22

You can also use Ctrl(PC) Option(Mac)-arrow keys to jump from one clip boundary to the next or Shift-Option-arrow keys to create selections from the cursor’s location to the clip boundary.