Over the last couple of days, I’ve been discussing the use of a Sounds Project – a single location that contains all of your sounds be they presets or samples.

The trick to having a usable Sounds Project is to understand that you don’t need a large number of sounds. instead, you need to have a manageable number of sounds that you’re able to relate to…

Therefore, spend an hour or two going through your sample libraries copying a few of your favorite samples into the the appropriate folders. For example, grab ten kick drums, ten snares and ten hi hats. Decide that, no matter what, you are going to use these sounds to make your next few tracks.

You may be concerned that this will limit you in an unacceptable way. In fact, it will limit you in a creatively productive way that you may have never imagined.

For me personally,  i have already selected all of the drum samples that i am going to work with for all of 2010. Given the design techniques that we’ll be discussing over the next few days, you’ll see that any given set of samples (or synth presets) can be reshaped for use in an incredibly wide range of contexts.