If you’ve played with the Frequency Shifter at all, you’ve probably gotten the impression that it’s one of the more aggressive sound mangling devices that comes with Live. Well, that’s true. However, I’ve recently become a fan of using it like a chorus to produce stereo modulation effects.

Try setting it up something like this:


The key setting here is Spread which is enabled when you turn on the Wide switch. It detunes the left and right channels in opposite directions. When blended with the original signal (notice the low Dry/Wet setting), this creates a gently pulsing chorus effect. If you want, you can stop right here, or the LFO can be used to vary the amount of detuning.

The Amount knob determines how much the tuning fluctuates. With this turned up, you’ll hear the rate of the pulsing increase and decrease at a speed determined by the Rate knob. Crank up the wet signal and this will be really easy to hear.

For extra bonus modulation points, try switching the LFO shape from sine wave to random.


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