Most of the items in the action menus are pretty self explanitory. However, a few deserve special mention.

For Follow Action randomness, you have two choices: Any and Other. Both launch a random clip from the current group.

Picture 21

Any is a true random choice because it includes the clip that’s currently playing as a possible choice.

Other excludes the currently playing clip as a possible choice. That means that, strictly speaking, Other is less random but results in greater variation, because a different clip is always chosen when the action executes.

So, long story short – when Any is selected a clip may end up re-launching itself. With the Legato switch turned off, this means that it starts over playback from the beginning. With Legato turned on, this means that the clip is allowed to continue playing back instead of a new clip being launched.

Make sense? When you re-launch a clip in Legato mode, it starts playback from the current position rather than the Start position. That’s the same thing as just allowing it to continue to play.

There is, however, a subtle distinction that we’ll take a look at that in the next tip…