A key part of the drum variations tip from a few days ago is the use of the Legato switch.

Picture 28

If you create a similar set of clips, but don’t turn on Legato, you’ll still get the contstant variation of clips being launched, but musically the result will be quite different. This is because Legato enables the playback position of a clip to be determined dynamically.

When Legato is turned off, a clip always plays back from its Start location:

Picture 24

However, when a clip’s Legato switch is turned on, it’s playback position will be offset based on the playback position of the currently playing clip. Imagine that you launch Clip A by clicking on it. It then begins playing back from its Start location.

Picture 27

After one sixteenth note elapses, a Follow Action takes effect that causes Clip B to be launched. Since Legato is enabled for Clip B, it starts playback one sixteenth note after it’s Start position.

Picture 26