Yesterday we left off having created a custom DJ EQ with +/-30dB on each band. Today we’ll modify it so there’s 30dB of cut but only 15dB of boost. The trick lies in the technique I demonstrated in Adding Auto-Bypass.

The first thing you’ll want to do is rename the second EQ 8 – otherwise the entries in the Mapping Browser are going to be really confusing.

Picture 8

Now, map the Filter Activator switch for each of the three bands in the second EQ to the three Macro knobs that are controlling the Gain.

Picture 9

If you turn the Macro knobs now, you’ll see that the behavior of the second EQ is exactly the opposite of what we want. The filters only become activated when the knob goes past it’s midway point. In other words, it only boosts and never cuts.

The final step is to open the Mapping Browser and invert the range for the Filter Activators, so they show a Min of 127 and a Max of 64:

Picture 10

This does the trick perfectly. Now, as soon as you turn any Macro knob past it’s midway point, it’s corresponding filter is disabled in the 2nd EQ thereby giving us a cut of 30dB and a boost of only 15.

Picture 11