The next step in building the custom DJ EQ we started yesterday is to put the EQ 8 into a Rack, and map the Gain of each band to a Macro, so it looks like this:

Picture 5

(If you’re new to building Racks, take a look at One Knob, Multiple Functions)

The problem with this EQ as it stands is that it has equal amounts of cut and boost, whereas a good DJ mixer can cut much more deeply than it boosts. To fix this, first duplicate the EQ 8:

Picture 6

This will give you two EQs in series. Try turning the Macro knobs and you’ll see that the gains on the new EQ have been mapped automatically.

Picture 7

You now have an EQ with 30dB of cut and boost. That’s great for the cut, but way too much boost. We’ll straighten that out tomorrow.