In my case, the reason to use the Clip Scrub control as described yesterday is to save space in the Session view.

In an earlier tip, I talked about breaking a song into 4 clips to have unique launch points for performance. The problem with having every song broken down into 4 clips is my Launchpad. I find that if I don’t leave some blank rows in the Session view, the clips are too hard to keep track of when looking at the 8 x 8 grid of the Launchpad.

Or, in pictures, this:

Picture 12

…is much harder to manage during a performance than this:

Picture 11

To create a blank row, I’ve gotten rid of the first clip (“Operator – Top”) and moved the remaining three yellow clips up. If I need to play this song from the top, I just launch the clip titled “Operator – Break”, crank my nudge knob to the left and I’m at the top almost instantly.