So, i thought I was done talking about exporting stems, but someone emailed in a question that’s worth addressing: What about MIDI?

Generally speaking, when we’re talking about creating stems or archiving a project, we’re talking about creating audio files. After all, part of the reason we do this is to avoid having to have the original synths (hardware or virtual) around to recreate the parts. However, if you want to be really thorough about archiving a project, there are cases where you’ll want to export the MIDI as well.

The first step is to consolidate all of your MIDI clips, so each MIDI track consists of one long MIDI clip. Select the length of the entire song, from the very first bar in each MIDI track and use the Consolidate command:


Once you’ve prepared the MIDI tracks in this way, you can use the Export MIDI Clip command:


Voila! Now you’ll have a standard MIDI file saved to your hard drive that can be used in any sequencer.