Nudging can be done in small values as well – not just by the bar like I mentioned yesterday.

The advantage of working with smaller quantize values (try 1/16), is that you can intentionally offset clips from each other by launching them at different points in the bar. If your new to this, its well worth spending some time experimenting. For example, after launching a track or a drum loop, try launching a percussion loop with global quantize set to 1/16. What you’ll find is that there are all sorts of interesting variations that will occur depending on where in the bar you launch it.

The problem with working with smaller quantize values is that it’s possible to launch a clip from a position that sounds terrible. Clip nudge allows you to correct this – every time you click one of the nudge buttons, the playback position will move forward or back by the global quantize value.

This approach is something you’re probably going to want to do in headphones, not through the PA like I mentioned yesterday. Launch the clip and nudge it into place if necessary. Then mix it into the main system once it sounds good in your phones. Even if this is a technique you rarely use, it’s worth being familiar with.