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One problem with using a wet/dry rack to host a Ping Pong Delay is that you can’t control the level going into the delay, only the level coming out of it.

Picture 6

This is important because automating the level of the input signal produces a different effect. (Tthis is usually done by using a return track and then automating the level of the send).

To solve this problem, we need to put a gain control in front of the delay. This could be done with the Utility device, but it only goes down to -35.

Picture 7

A more flexible volume control can be found in an empty rack. Just grab Audio Effect Rack from the device browser and drop it in front of the delay. Then create an empty chain and you’re good to go:

Picture 8

Now you can automate the Chain volume in the empty rack to control the delay’s input volume. This comes in handy for any effect that is sensitive to gain.