Since we’ve been discussing some issues related to Simpler and velocity, I thought I’d show you a rack I made for a remix I’m working on. There’s a section of this track where we need a really loose sounding hand clap section. At the moment, it’s not practical for me to get a room full of people clapping along, so I’ve figured out a way to get a similar result with an Instrument Rack.

The first step is to drag a bunch of samples into an empty Instrument Rack, so you get something that looks like this:

Picture 5

Notice that I’ve panned the samples a bit, and used a few snaps as well for variety. Also, some of the clap samples have a little space at the beginning:

Picture 7

That’s a good thing – it adds to the sloppiness. Next, I’ll do a little trickery with the velocity. I’m gonna give each of the samples a different velocity sensitivity (30%, 40%, 50%, etc.):

Picture 8

Now, depending on how hard the key or drum pad is hit, different samples will respond differently, making the volume balance of the samples a little different for each hit.

This gets us off to a good start, but there are still a few more tricks for adding realism that we’ll get into tomorrow.