Once you know the secrets of Importing from the browser, there are all sorts of interesting things you can do. In particular, you can save Sets that are designed strictly for importing into other Sets. For example, take a scenario such as the one I described in One Song, Multiple Clips.

Once I’ve broken down a song into multiple clips (as described in the above tip), I like to have a nice easy way to import those clips into any Set. I do this by saving the group of four clips as their own Set.

First, Shift-Click to select all of the clips you want to save:

Picture 18

Then, drag the clips and drop them into the file browser. A new Live Set will be created:

Picture 19

Type in the name you want, press Return and you’re all set. Next time you want to use this group of clips, just drag the saved Set into the current Set and, Pow! Instant Awesomeness.