The Auto Filter rack that we started yesterday needs another feature: auto-bypass. In other words, when the knob is rotated hard left, the Auto Filter device should be turned off completely so there’s no low cut at all.

To do this, we’re going to map the on/off switch in the upper left hand corner of the Auto Filter to Macro 1 as well.


This doesn’t give us exactly the right behavior. When you map a switch to a macro, the midway point of the knob becomes the threshold for turning the switch on or off. Give it a try. What we want is for the device to be turned on as soon as we rotate the knob towards the right even a tiny bit.

Once again, we have to return to the Mapping Browser. Right now the Min
value is set to 64 (the midpoint of the standard MIDI scale of 0-127).


By changing the Min value to 1, we’ll get the desired behavior: when the knob is at 0, the device is off and from 1-127 it’s turned on.


Understanding the few things we’ve gone over today and yesterday opens the door to creating all sorts of custom racks. Tomorrow, we’ll take things a step further.