OK, here I go again getting neck-deep into some nerdy minutae. I hope it’s clear by this point that I dig into this stuff partly to demonstrate the broad array of simple solutions there are to all sorts of problems. More than anything, I hope to share with you a bit of my though process around problem solving. Also, I am a nerd.

So, let’s say that you need a tempo range bigger than 63.5 (half of 127), but you also need to make smooth, gradual tempo changes. Using the approach in the prior tip, that isn’t possible. Enter the dummy scene launcher.

As you may know, scenes can be used to change Live’s tempo just by putting bpm in the name:

Picture 41

If you wanted a scene launcher to change the tempo and do nothing else, all you’d have to do is use an empty scene, and remove all of the stop buttons…

Picture 42

OK, but how does this help us with gradual tempo changes? it doesn’t. What we can use this technique for is to “round off” the tempo after the macro gets it almost there.

Map a MIDI note to the scene launcher:

Picture 43

And place that note into the tempo change macro at the very end – right after the last breakpoint.

Picture 44