As I mentioned in the last tip, there are some cases where printing stems the automatic way doesn’t cut it and you’ve got to take a more manual approach. Cases include:

  • You didn’t group or submix tracks in the set
  • You did group or submix, but you need a stem to include more than one group (i.e. drums and percussion)
  • You want send effects for a track to be printed into the stem, rather than in a separate file (i.e. all vocal delays and reverbs included in the vocal stem)

In these cases, you’ll have to create your stem mixes one at a time. The process is easy – just solo the tracks you want included in the stem and export the Master track (instead of All Tracks as discussed in the last tip).


When doing the process this way, it’s important to be aware of this menu item from the Options menu:


When Solo In Place is turned on, any Return tracks receiving signal from any of the soloed tracks will continue to be sent to the Master. You’ll want to make sure that this is checked if you want to print send effects into the stem as well. Or, you can turn it off to silence the effects.