If things don’t work properly with sync, the first thing you want to check out are the sync indicators. If you look closely, you’ll notice that these have appeared on both the Master computer….

Picture 9

….and the Slave:

Picture 10

The bottom square is the Sync Out indicator. On the Master computer, this should start blinking as soon as you press play. If it’s not, head back to the Preferences window and make sure that you’ve turned on Sync for an output port.

The top square is the Sync In indicator. On the Slave computer, this should start blinking as soon as you start playback on the Master (whether or not the EXT switch is turned on). If it doesn’t, there are a few possibilities:

– You’re sending sync out of the wrong port on the Master computer

– You’ve enabled sync on the wrong input port on the Slave

– The MIDI cable isn’t connected to the right ports on the hardware

– You’ve got a bad MIDI cable, MIDI jack or other hardware problem