If you’ve been wondering what all the Max For Live fuss is about, the release of Live 8.1.3 makes it easy to demo it and find out for yourself.

First, head over to the Cycling 74 website and download Max/MSP.  It’s a demo version, but not to worry. You’ve gotta have Max/MSP installed for Max For Live to work.

Next, make sure you’ve got the latest version of Live installed. (Even if you’re not interested in Max For Live, 8.1.3 is an important bugfix update that you’ll want to get your hands on.)

When you fire up Live, it should offer you the opportunity to demo Max For Live. If not, you’ll have to open your preferences screen and enable the demo in the User Account Licenses tab. (Note – I’ll be testing this out and adding a screen shot later on. The computer I’m on right now is fully authorized, so I can’t do it.)

Once you’re running in demo mode, you won’t be able to save your work, so remember not to get too deep into anything you’re attached to.

Once you’ve got the demo running, you’re likely to face a big fat “Now What??” I’ll suggest a couple of things to get you started in the next tip.