One obvious thing to do with an aggressive bass sound is to use a modulated filter to make it “wobble”. Since that’s something that’s been done quite a bit lately, I’ll show you an alternative method to get a subtly different effect.

Start off by following yesterday’s tip to get some oscillator feedback (about 25%) going on oscillator A. Then its time to turn the LFO on, and get it set up something like this:

Picture 2

Now make a few tweaks to the LFO routing:

Picture 3

Turn off the A, B, C and D switches and then select OSC Feedback in the Dest B menu (as shown above). This sets up the LFO such that all it’s doing is modulating the amount of feedback.

You should now hear the sound start to pulsate. You may want to adjust the LFO Amount, and/or the Feedback of oscillator A to get the sound just right.