In the prior tip, I mentioned that you might not be getting the expected result out of cranking up the Decay of the volume envelope…

Picture 96

Even though Decay is at almost two seconds, the kick still sounds like it’s fading out really quickly. This has to do with the pitch of the kick rather than the volume. In the example we’ve been working with so far, the final pitch of the kick is 25hz which is simply too low to create a satisfying sustain.

The real sweet spot for a kick drum land on is around 50hz. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but its a darn good place to start.

Head back over to the Pitch Envelope and raise the pitch of the End parameter (which we had previously set to -24).

Picture 97

Depending on your monitors, you’ll probably start hearing some really chunky low end in the sustain at around -18 semitones. When you bring it all the way up to -12, you’ll be sustaining at 50hz (the original pitch of the oscillator is 100hz) and it should sound pretty wicked on most systems. Don’t stop at -12, keep going up a few semitones just to get familiar with all the possible tones you can create.