Ok, where were we? I’ve been a little distracted getting my new release, This Is The Place out and into the world. Part of the distraction was the decision to master the record myself – a fascinating and ill-advised practice that I’ll talk more about in an upcoming tip.

Now, picking up where we left off…

To lock down the pitch of your kick sound, you can turn on the Fixed switch for oscillator A…

Picture 92

In this mode, the oscillator has a fixed pitch. Regardless of the MIDI note you send in, it’s locked down (at 100hz in the example above.)

100hz (the default) is a pretty good spot for the oscillator to be set. Remember, due to the settings of the pitch envelope, the attack of the drum will be up one octave (200hz) and will dive down three octaves (to 25hz).

With Freq set to 100hz, you’ll probably find that you get the most thump with the Pitch Envelope Decay somewhere between 150-250ms. Explore this range slowly – there are a lot of different flavors in there.

Picture 93

Ok, that’s one more piece of the puzzle…but there’s much, much more!