We pause from our regularly scheduled tips to bring you the results of a highly unscientific audio interface poll!

Question: “Who LOVES their portable audio interface? What kind is it?”

The winner is a tie, with the Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 and the Motu Ultralite both receiving 5 votes.

Here’s the full rundown of interfaces, grouped by the number of votes they received:

5 votes: NI Audio Kontrol,  Motu Ultralite

4 votes: Apogee Duet

3 votes: NI Audio 2 DJ

2 votes:  Apogee One, M-Audio FastTrack, RME Fireface, RME Multiface w/ cardbus card

1 vote: Motu Traveler, Novation nio 2/4, Eidirol FA-66, Focurite Saffire 6USB, Metric Halo Mobile I/O, Audio DJ 4, NI Audio DJ 4, Edirol UA-5, M-Audio JamLab, EMU 1616m w/ cardbus card.

I have a few thoughts about all this, but they are going to have to wait until tomorrow – compiling these results took longer than I thought it would!

And…you can still reply if you want (via twitter plz – not email if at all possible). If I get another big chunk of responses, I’ll post an update.