I’m gonna back up for a minute and share a little more about Group tracks. Some basics, and some more interesting stuff as well…

To create the group, just highlight several tracks and use the Group command:

Picture 177

After you do this, each track that was routed to Master will now be routed to Group.

Picture 178

However, if the track was already routed somewhere else, it won’t get changed. So, for example, if Lead3 was set to Sends Only, you’d get this:

Picture 179

So bear in mind that even though Group tracks are commonly used for routing, they can also be used to organize tracks while routing them anywhere you want.

Once you’ve created a group, you can add existing tracks just by dragging them in. The routing will be changed in accordance with the rule described above. If you want to create a brand new track and have it added to the group, just make sure to select the Group track (or one of the tracks inside it) first.