At the end of my workshop today, the question came up – what’s the best way to get started DJing with Live?

If you’re experienced as a DJ, but you’re just getting started using Live as a DJ platform, the answer is clear: use as much of your existing skills as possible, and get Live into the picture incrementally.¬†For example, configure Live like this:

Picture 3

Notice that Deck A has Audio To set to outputs 1/2 and Deck B has it’s Audio To routed to outputs 3/4. The next step would be to connect these two pairs of outputs to two channels on your DJ mixer. In other words, just use Live to replace your turntables or CD players, but do everything else (cueing, mixing, effects) using the mixer. There are some very well known DJs out there who are doing exactly this.

Sure it’s simple, and yes there are a zillion other ways you can use Live. This approach will give you a chance to get familiar with using Live in a gigging situation without throwing away your existing skills. Once you’ve got that sorted you can move towards creating a more customized setup.