Ok, over the next few tips I’m gonna back up a step, explain a few basics about Follow Actions and cover a some details that you might not know, even if you’re familiar with this technology…

The first thing to know is that Follow Actions apply to a group of clips. A group is simply a set of adjacent clips in a single track. You can have multiple groups in a track – just leave an empty slot in between them.

Picture 20

In the example from the prior tips, the follow action settings for the clip look like this:

Picture 18

In english: “One sixteenth note after this clip is launched,  a random clip in the current group will be launched.”

Another example:

Picture 19

In english: “Three bars after this clip is launched, the next clip down in the current group will be launched.”

If the clip is a one bar loop, that means it will repeat three times before the next clip plays. Bear in mind, however, that this Follow Action also works even if the clip is a one shot and is shorter than three bars. The Follow Action is completely independant of the length of the clip.