It’s a sad fact of human nature: If you provide anything even remotely resembling a free service in this world, some folks develop a sense of entitlement to it and become incredibly rude if they think they are no longer getting the value they deserve/demand from you.

I woke up this morning to this lovely note – not in my inbox mind you, but rather classily placed on my Facebook Wall:

Picture 20
First of all, I need to point out that this person has completely misunderstood the “Shit Sandwich” method of criticizing people. That’s the one where you put the bad news in between two compliments. This guy just deposited a steaming pile on the tabletop, then threw a slice of bread on top and expected me to eat it.

I find that many people are pretty mortified when you point out to them that they are being whiny children instead of constructive adults, and then they say something like “No! When I said DANCE MONKEY, DANCE! What I meant was THANK YOU, HOW CAN I HELP?”

Well, I’m just going to keep posting my tips, making my music and doing my best. Since I am human, it is likely that sometimes both my tips and my music will suck. Consider this fair warning. I find that the best solution to this sort of problem is to scroll down that person’s profile page, and click on the “Remove From Friends” link:

Picture 21