How you export your minty fresh grooves for your upcoming gig depends on how your performance template is set up. If you use a straight up DJ approach, it’s very simple – just export the output of your Master track and you’re done.

My set is a little different. At any given moment, I tend to be mixing together two elements – the beat and the lead. Or, in Hobotech terminology, the Track and the Hobo:

Picture 189

In the example above, the track on the right is banjo riffs only; the one on the left contains everything else.

Therefore, when I’m ready to export, I’ll export in several passes (more or less as described in Print Stems, Oldskool).

1) Mute the lead element(s) to create a backing track (i.e. “Polly_NoHobo.wav”)

2) Solo the lead element(s) to create a file with just the lead (i.e. “Polly_Banjo.wav”)

3) Mix the whole thing down with everything, just in case (i.e. “Polly_full.wav”)

The last export comes in handy if you find yourself putting together a set and you realize you’d need a third hand to make the transition happen the way you want. In those cases, I’ll drop in the fully mixed track, sometimes just as a transitional element to get me to the point where I can switch over to the split