My solution for mixing between two clips located on the same track (as mentioned in the previous tip), is to capture a 1 bar loop using a rack that lives in the Master track – sorta based on a sampler you might see in a DJ mixer.

Picture 4

The rack has two chains – an empty one (“Dry”) and one containing a Beat Repeat which is kept turned all the way down unless you’ve captured a loop.

The Beat Repeat is configured as a 1 bar looper. As soon as the Repeat macro is flipped, a loop of whatever is currently coming through the Master is captured. To get the loop into the mix, slowly turn up the volume of the Sample chain, while turning down the volume of the track(s) that the loop was captured from.

Now you can launch a new clip on the same track you captured the loop from and start to mix it in. Turn up the Filter Freq macro to kill the low end on the loop and make a nice smooth mix. For this macro, I’ve used the built-in filter in the Beat Repeat. When the macro is all they way down, the filter is off. The first click to the right turns the filter on and starts sweeping the frequency up.

Here’s what the mappings look like:

Picture 5