I’m not a crossfader guy: mixing with the volume faders has always made the most sense to me. However, over the last year, I’ve come up with some fun uses for the crossfader on my VCM-600. I use it to switch between my main channels and my effect returns.

Today, I’ll show you a basic setup and tomorrow we’ll start to get into some of the details of what you can do with it. Take a look:

Picture 29

The key parts of this setup are as follows:

The audio tracks are assigned to A, the effect return to B. When the crossfader is all the way left, only the original audio will be heard. When the crossfader is right, only the effects.

Send A is configured to be pre fader.

Picture 30

This allows signal to continue to be fed into return track A (“Effect”) even when the crossfader is all the way to the right. If it’s post fader, the amount of signal sent to the return track will decrease as the crossfader is moved to the right.

In this example, you can leave Send A turned up all the time and use the crossfader to swap between dry and effected signals. No matter how crazy you get with the effects, you can always get back to totally dry with a flip of the crossfader.