Some of this stuff about workflow and committing to ideas really isn’t limited to collaboration… it applies just as much when you’re working on your own. But here we are. So…

Sometimes you want to commit to an idea by freezing and flattening, but you still want to leave yourself the option of going back to the MIDI – just in case. This is my method – I like it because it makes it possible to go back, but not too easy…

1) Before you freeze and flatten the part you are committing to, rename the track to indicate that it’s a MIDI track (i.e. “SawBassMIDI”)

2) Save the Set

3) Freeze and Flatten the track.

4) Rename the track to indicate that it is Audio (i.e. “SawBassAudio”)

5) Use Save As… to save the set into a new version (i.e. “MySong_2.als”)

If you ever need to go back to the MIDI, import the MIDI version into the current version of the Set by dragging it in from the browser:

Picture 6