So, what do you do when you’re faced with a frozen track but you want to do some sort of editing that’s not allowed? In that case, you have to get a little creative…

Let’s look at the example of MIDI editing. Since you can’t edit the MIDI in a frozen track, the first thing you have to do is get the MIDI out of the frozen track. To do this, create a new MIDI track then Alt + drag (or copy/paste) clips from the frozen track into the empty MIDI track.

Picture 3

Now you’ve got fully editable MIDI, but no sound. Drop an instrument into the MIDI track, and set it to a sound that approximates the original sound closely enough to do your MIDI editing. Alternately, you can just hunt for a brand new sound that sounds good with that particular part. This can lead to some happy accidents where you’ll end up layering the new sound with the old one, or replacing it entirely.

If you need to get the new MIDI playing the original instrument, just transfer the Set back to the original computer, unfreeze the original track and copy the MIDI into it.