Hey everyone! Back in the saddle here at the Secret Tips Laboratory, ready to Bring It, Tips Style.

As I mentioned before I took off, I recently spent a good chunk of time reconfiguring my performance template so I could play it with the diminutive Korg NanoKontrol while out in the desert. Results were excellent overall. There’s nothing like being forced to simplify what you do to help you discover what’s really important.

Some features of the simplified setup were:

Four tracks (two pairs of two) instead of six (three pairs of two).

No standard EQ – only high pass and low pass filter.

Two effect returns controlled with a single fader & knob (more on this later).

Clip Status controls and Loop controls moved from MIDI controller to computer keyboard.

…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Over the next few tips, I’m going to go over every aspect of my performance setup that I haven’t touched on yet. Then, I’ll go over the big picture and talk about the controller layout. Finally, we’ll follow that up with a more detailed look at the process of simplifying the template so it will work with the smaller controller.