The interesting thing about setting loops in Simpler is that the Loop parameter is specified as a percentage of the sample’s Length. In other words, if Loop is set to 20%, you’ll always be looping the last 20% of the sample regardless of what Length is set to. This means that adjusting Length adjusts both the loop’s start and end points and changes the length of the loop. (Try it).

What this also means is that you can get some very interesting and strange results by automating the length parameter.

Picture 113

Above you’ll see that I’ve created a clip envelope for the Length parameter, which is going to cause all sorts of different loop positions and times.

Picture 114

I’ve also Unlinked the envelope which means that the envelope’s length is now independent of the length
of the MIDI clip. The Length of the envelope is set to an odd value (1.0.1) which means that its position will shift relative to the MIDI clip over many bars, producing a wide variety of results.

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