New Tiny Machines Album

2017 was a great year for Tiny Machines. We escaped the big city to focus on making an album, and by gum we did it. We were able to really take our time, sometimes demoing a song two or three times before deciding how to produce it. The album explores many different influences, but still […]


Welcome back! This article offers a little background on what analog summing is all about, for those new to the concept, and explains a bit about the decisions I made when setting up the new mixing studio. I went into this project not at all sure if I would buy a summing mixer. My initial […]


To build the first version of my mix studio, I knew the priority would have to be monitoring. This means great speakers, the best acoustics possible, and excellent A/D conversion. There were a few big questions at the outset, such as whether or not to do analog summing, and if the budget would allow for […]


I set out to write an article about the gear I selected for the mix room. It turns out that describing the thought process involved in putting together a mix rig is not only complicated, it also can get seriously boring. After collapsing face first into my laptop keyboard a few times while writing, I took a step back. While applying […]

Building The Mix Room, Pt. 1: WHY?

For the last month or so, I’ve been busy putting together a studio dedicated to mixing. This has cost quite a bit of time spent researching, buying, and configuring gear, and more time spent building and installing acoustic treatments and figuring out ergonomics. And yeah, it cost a bunch of money too. I’m still not […]

Common Grace

Sometimes, a song springs forth fully formed, and all you have to do is grab an instrument, set up a microphone, and make history. Other times, a song springs forth fully formed, and the production process is a mind-boggling, iterative process of trial and error, creating and sifting through countless layers, tweaking the arrangement, eventually […]

Remixes of Govinda and Mr Jennings

While plugging away on the next Hobotech and Tiny Machines releases, I took some time out to do remixes for Govinda and Mr. Jennings. Both tracks were a lot of fun to do. In each case, I decided not to worry about how they would fit into a particular dancefloor context and just made music! […]

Welcome to Hobo Technologies!

Look out people, here it comes. Like a steam engine pulling cars full of circuit bent robots and their secret hobo masters, it’s racing towards you with news from the Large Hobo Collider, and the undiscovered novels of Utah Phillips K. Dick. Like a backwoods hoe-down emitting inexplicable bursts of light and invisible waves of […]