20110206-hobotech-405“If the gasping economy births a new hobo culture, the music will already be taken care of.”Wired

A hobo stays in motion, choosing freedom over security.


Hobotech: An idea, a style, and a powerful sound that has grown in popularity since it’s fireside conception in 2007. Hobotech is boxcar funk, deisel dub and badass bluegrass crunk, a creation of Producer/DJ Jon Margulies. He is the author of Ableton Live Power! and the co-author of Your Ableton Live Studio, widely considered to be bibles on electronic music production.

Hobotech’s extraordinary live shows and refreshing hybrid of vintage tunes and bass-heavy beats have found him appearing at festivals such as Coachella, and sharing the stage with luminaries of bass music including Bassnectar, ill.Gates, David Starfire and AN-TEN-NAE.

Hobotech’s most recent EP is a collaboration with Haj (featuring remixes by Pumpkin and Sub Swara), which peaked at #15 on the Beatport Electronica charts in December of 2011. A previous EP, “This Is The Place” was described as “like George Clinton meets Datsik” on GenerationBass.com, and was included as one of eight featured downloads in the 2010 wrapup newsletter from TheUntz.com, alongside releases by Kraddy and MartyParty.

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